Counterpoint paperback edition

"Here comes Bill Roorbach with nine good reasons to find the couch or some big chair. Reading these stories may be the reason we even have some of this furniture. Frankly, I recommend you take them into your house and meet these new people in BIG BEND. They are as tender and troubled as we are, as charming, indecisive, nervous, blessed, crazy, and destined to survive, find love, miss it. I've been waiting for these stories for a while now." --Ron Carlson

the original Georgia edition

Big Bend

Flannery O'Connor Award Ceremony, Milledgeville, Georgia (with our hosts and fellow recipient Robert Anderson): my first tuxedo since senior prom.

These stories won the Flannery O'Connor Prize for Short Fiction from the University of Georgia Press, and have appeared in such publications as Harper's, The Atlantic, and the Missouri Review. The title story, "Big Bend," has been featured on the NPR program "Selected Shorts" as read by actor James Cromwell ("Babe," "L.A. Confidential"), and is included in three prize collections: "O.Henry Prize Stories 2002," "New Stories from the South: Best of 2002," and "The Silver Rose Award Anthology." Men and love, men in trouble.

"Immensely appealing...Roorbach's tender, affecting stories will leave you feeling as if you've come to understand your own missteps and misjudgments slightly better, and to forgive yourself a little more." --Newsday

"Roorbach is as raw and engaged a writer as you'll ever read...He rivals James Baldwin in his ability to miraculously open up rivers of male sentiment."
--Los Angeles Weekly

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