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Praise for Summers with Juliet

“Imagine Henry David Thoreau not only young and in love but as a thirtysomething contemporary, and you’ll have the delights ofSummers with Juliet. Presented as a novel, the book is actually a highly polished, thoughtful journal of the eight holidays the author spent traveling around the United States and Canada with his bride-to-be, the winsome and strong-willed Juliet.”—Los Angeles Times

Summers with Juliet . . . is an understated memoir of underfunded adventures from Martha’s Vineyard to Montana. It’s also a beguiling meditation on love, nature and the difficulty of growing up. . . . Ultimately, in the best Transcendentalist tradition, Roorbach finds nature all around him, helping him conquer fears of mortality, gain faith in the future and, on a soggy June day in New Hampshire, marry his Juliet.”—Boston Globe